Employee Details

Commander M Ziaul Ahsan, BN

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Name: Commander M Ziaul Ahsan, BN
Appointment: Professor
Department: Department of Physics
E-mail: ziaul8808828@gmail.com
Address (Office): Department of Physics,Science and Hum Department

Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh


Academic Qualification

M.Phil (SSP, Physics)Department of Physics

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)

Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Masters of Science (SSP)Department of Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering

University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Bachelor of Science (Hon)Department of Applied Physics and Electronic Engineering

University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Teaching Interests

Solid State Physics (SSP), Physical Optics, Electronics, Radio technology, Magnetism, Electromagnetic wave propagation, Theory of antenna and transmission line, Experimental technique, Low temperature physics and vacuum technique.


Teaching Experience

1. Professor, Department of physics, MISTAugust 1999 – May 2006, June 2015 – Till now
2. Principal BN College, Khulna.August 2008 – Apr 2012
3. InstructorElectrical and Radio Electrical School


Jul 1990 – Jul 1999


Achievement in IT Field

1. Design and Development of Interfacing software – performance monitoring and control system (PMCS) for generator.
2. Design and Development of School Management System (SMS)
3. Design and development of Management Information and Planning Support System (MIAPSS) for BN Dockyard.
4. Design and development of Ships; Inventory Management and Accounting System (SIMAS) for BN Ship BNS ALI HAIDER
5. Algorithm for personal appraisal for computer based assessment system (CB-PAS)


List of Publications (International Journal, Armed Forces Journal, Naval Publications)

 [1] M. Z. Ahsan, and F A Khan, Zero Field Cool and Field Cool Measurements: Fe73.5-Cu1-Ta3-Si13.5-B9biphase magnetic alloy, Journal of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Vol-31, No.-1, 151-153, 2007.
[2] M. Z. Ahsan, and F A Khan, Measurement of dielectric constant of Fe73.5-Cu1-Ta3-Si13.5-B9 biphase, journal of Bangladesh Academy of Science, Vol-32, No. 1, 107-109, 2008.
[3] M. Z. Ahsan, Soft magnetic materials: Properties and prospects, MIST Journal

[4]       M. Z. Ahsan, Nanotechnology: progress and prospect, Nabik.

[5]       M. Z. Ahsan, Education in Armed Forces Training, Journal of Armed Forces Day, 2008.

[6]       M.Z. Ahsan, Power Bases in Managerial Position, Nouporikrama

[7]       M. Z. Ahsan, Leadership Behavior, Nouporikrama.